An Insight Into a Better Future: Econolite's Abbas Mohaddes

With the ITS America Annual Meeting now just weeks away, we spoke to some key players in the space to understand their interpretation of this year’s overarching theme – A Better Future Transformed by Intelligent Mobility, Safer. Greener. Smarter.

Since the event is being held in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., we also dig into some of the conference program highlights, namely the “seamless mobility around the movement of people, data and freight and how innovative business models can flourish in the new age of mobility.”

Ginny Acosta and John Lower, ITSDC2019 Communications Committee members, asked several ITS America leaders about their thoughts on emerging tech and data.

Abbas Mohaddes, Econolite

Abbas Mohaddes, Econolite

Next up: Abbas Mohaddes, President and COO of Econolite.

Greener mobility implies electrifying the transportation system. How can ITS assist in this?

ITS America can play a major role in educating the members and constituencies, as well as facilitating the discussion and dialog on the policy and many other implications of electrification.  We are fortunate to have a broad membership, many of which directly or indirectly are involved in electrification activities and can draw from their experience and engagement.

How do you define the future of mobility?

Connected, automated, and shared mobility is the future. Significant funding is flowing into this approach by major car company OEMs and technology companies alike, while regulatory and public agencies are engaged in various attributes from liability and insurance ramifications to legal and physical requirements. This will profoundly change mobility as we know it today and will be the most significant change since the transition from the horse-and-buggy to cars, which happened over a century ago. Data and information will play a significant role, particularly in real-time for safety purposes, and other uses. 

How do you see ITS America’s role in this future?

ITS America can continue to play a major role in outreach, education and facilitation of the dialog in various aspects. It would be ideal to identify key elements important to constituencies and focus on those as opposed to focusing on broader aspects. Several trade organizations are currently addressing it, so it would be perfect for ITS America to coordinate and collaborate to ensure less overlap.  

Truck freight movement is expected to benefit with truck platooning, freight signal priority and other ITS measures. When do you see these becoming ubiquitous? 

Perhaps sooner than many of us thought just a year ago. The planning, logistics, demand and benefits are well articulated and several entities are proceeding worldwide. It will take several years for broad implementation. I envision 25% market penetration within 5 years in the US.

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