Transportation Tourism in the Nation’s Capital

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My all time favorite band is the Talking Heads, and my all-time favorite Talking Heads song is “This Must Be the Place.” (Considering the group’s discography, probably the most “transportation-related” tune from their repertoire would be  “Road to Nowhere,” but no: this is the song I love.)

“This Must Be the Place” starts with a somewhat melancholy first line:  “Home... is where I want to be.” It’s still the words that run through my head every time I experience something terrific about Washington, D.C. Whenever a new acquaintance asks where I’m from, I have the honor of replying “here!” And just like the song says, it’s where I want to be. A true native daughter, born steps from the McMillan Reservoir and the Armed Forces Retirement Home, right off North Capitol.

I could write a book on what to see and do here - and many professional writers have done just that (the National Zoo! Free summer concerts at Fort Reno! Many fantastic art museums, my personal recreational activity of choice!) But we’re talking ITS. So if your interest in mobility goes far beyond your professional duties, perhaps sticking to a “themed” visit next month is in order.

A not-at-all comprehensive list for you to consider as you finalize your travel plans:

There is no way I covered it all - I welcome both additional recommendations and public shaming at @lsheltongross. See you in a few weeks!