Meet Your #ITSDC2019 Communications Committee: Pete Gould


Pete Gould, Shared Mobility Strategies
Founding Partner

• What is your role and what does it entail? I run my own public policy consulting and lobbying firm and work closely with transportation and mobility technology startups to establish and execute their engagement and relationships with the Cities in which they seek to operate.  Much of my work entails developing comprehensive plans to allow startups to grow and scale to more markets without causing problems with City officials.

• Favorite part of working in ITS comms/marketing? I love the people on the Committee, such an amazing and smart group that it’s been a never ending learning experience.

• How many ITS Annual Meetings have you attended? Five!

• What you are most looking forward to at #ITSDC2019? I’m really looking forward to bringing all of the transformational technologies in this industry right to the front steps of the Federal regulators and Congress that are trying to keep up with them.  It is a perfect time to bring these two sides together to listen and learn.

• What’s one thing about you that surprises people? I try to be a pretty open book, sometimes to a fault.  

• Best advice you’ve ever been given? While not one piece of advice, I learned so much from Former Chairman Jim Oberstar about the importance of knowing and getting the policy right before you focus on the politics.  I think that is something that has really stuck with me.

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