Meet Your #ITSDC2019 Communications Committee: Nicole Busse


Nicole Busse, Kapsch TrafficCom North America
Senior Manager - Marketing & Communications

• What is your role, and what does it entail? Senior Manager – Marketing & Communications. Many things fall under that umbrella, which is what keeps the days interesting!

• What is your favorite part of working in ITS/Comms? I like that the ITS industry touches what’s happening in other tech sectors, and is growing rapidly and focused on real-life solutions. And marketing involves working with people and a certain level of organization and expression, which I enjoy.

• How many ITS Annual Meetings have you attended? This will be my second

• What you are most looking forward to at #ITSDC2019? Seeing what other companies are doing in the ITS space. And since I live in DC, sleeping in my own bed every night!

• What’s one thing about you that surprises people? I love traveling off the beaten path – offroading through Bolivia, and backpacking around Georgia and Azerbaijan, have been some of my favorite experiences.

• Best advice you’ve ever been given? One of my high school teachers gave us each a card at graduation that listed some of her key takeaways that has always stuck with me (I still have a copy typed up in my phone). The last point, which ultimately summarizes the others, is “Carpe Diem – life is fragile, be grateful for your health and take advantage of being alive”

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