Meet Your #ITSDC2019 Communications Committee: Adam Hopps

Hopps family photo.JPG

Adam Hopps, National Operations Center of Excellence
Communications and Program Manager

• What is your role and what does it entail? I get to tell the industry about all the incredible working being done in the field of transportation systems management and operations (TSMO). Shifting our focus to efficiently operating the system we have  is the key to advancing safety and mobility, so in addition to capturing the good work going on out there, I get to work with students and industry on how we educate and train the workforce to meet the transportation challenges we’ll be facing.

• Favorite part of working in ITS comms/marketing? The people who manage and operate our roads, rails, bike paths, and seaports are truly impressive. Being able to highlight their work is a privilege. 

• How many ITS Annual Meetings have you attended? 2019 will be my 6th Annual Meeting

• What you are most looking forward to at #ITSDC2019? Emergency Response Day. No amount of praise is enough when it comes to the people who respond to incidents, from the 911 operator who fields the call to the tow truck driver who clears the  last vehicle and everyone in between risking their lives working on our roadways. They save lives with their quick response times, but they’re also the backbone of keeping our system moving. Emergency Response Day is an opportunity to learn what their challenges are and to discuss how the ITS community can continue to equip these folks in their mission of serving the traveling public.

• What’s one thing about you that surprises people? My wife and I lived on a 32 foot sailboat for four years. It’s the ultimate form of carbon neutral transportation (if you’re willing to go really slowly).

• Best advice you’ve ever been given? The world is run by those who show up.

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