Exhibitor Highlights

Be sure to visit the ITS America show floor to see companies showcasing new innovative technology. The show floor will be open June 5 - 7, 2019. See just a few highlighted exhbiting companies below. To see a full list of current exhbitors visit our live floor plan here!


ITS America Member Exhibitors:


Activu - Booth 200

Experience a new dimension of visualized information with vis|ability VR from Activu.

 A natural evolution of the Intelligent Visualization offered in Activu's forward-thinking Control Room software & solutions, vis|ability VR will deliver a limitless control room experience into the space of a VR headset.

Activu makes critical information visible & collaborative, improving incident response & management, benefitting billions of people every day, worldwide. Vis|ability VR aims to make Activu’s powerful visualization and collaboration platform available anywhere you are.

Try Activu vis|ability VR anytime during ITS America at the Activu booth.


Aimsun - Booth 723

The latest release of Aimsun Next mobility modeling software focuses on more powerful and flexible modeling for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Adaptable features can accommodate new tech as it emerges; not only are there parameters that allow modelers to control vehicle behavior by vehicle type, there is also an interface for external control agents, and a technical preview of the V2X Software Development Kit (V2X SDK), which makes it possible to test virtually any connected vehicle application, implementing the resulting actions at the level of a single vehicle, the immediate vicinity, or the whole network.

Primary Contact for attendees to set visiting times:
Alex Gerodimos


Econolite - Booth 407

Centracs Edaptive presentation:

Centracs Edaptive is Econolite’s next-generation Adaptive Signal Control, optimizing cycle, offset, and splits by using high-fidelity 1/10th-second resolution data. The presentation will demonstrate Centracs Edaptive’s web-based deep analytical capabilities through Centracs SPM, allowing users to quickly and easily ensure maximum performance of a signal control system. It will also demonstrate how Centracs Edaptive provides highly-automated real-time signal adaptation that balances sustainability and reliability with the latest in adaptive algorithms.

Centracs Priority presentation:

Centracs Priority is a breakthrough route-based priority system that provides dynamic signal priority to fire, transit, and other vehicles. The presentation will show how Centracs Priority leverages GPS and existing CAD AVL systems, so that Econolite’s Centracs ATMS is able to calculate estimated arrival at signalized intersections, enabling Econolite’s controllers to render tailored priority much more efficiently and with less traffic disruption than legacy preemption or transit priority systems.

The presentation will also demonstrate how Centracs Priority significantly enhances roadway safety and efficiency through Econolite’s queue flush feature that discharges standing queues of traffic in advance of arriving emergency vehicles.

Primary Contact for attendees to set visiting times:
Maral Haytaian | 714-575-5611


Eberle Design - Booth 615

The Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) Cabinet is Smart City ready; a growth platform for a Connected & Automated Vehicles infrastructure! It is an open architecture traffic control cabinet based on the ITE/NEMA/AASHTO ATC suite of standards. This new cabinet family offers significant improvements to conventional cabinet designs in modularity, compact size, motorist safety, technician safety, LED compatibility, and diagnostics. The ATC Cabinet replaces all cabinet types; NEMA TS-1, NEMA TS-2, ITS Cabinet v1, and Caltrans 33X. EDI designs and manufactures the plug-in components for the cabinet. Stop by Eberle Design’s Booth #615 for information. https://www.editraffic.com/atcc/.

Primary Contact for attendees to set visiting times: 
Open to all Attendees during exhibit hall hours at the Eberle Design Booth #615.

Advantech - Booth 655

At the 2019 ITS America Exhibition, Advantech will be debuting its ICR-3200 LTE gateway, its newest technology for FirstNet-ready applications, such as traffic control and management. It’s the ideal way to connect IP or serial devices to an LTE network.

Primary Contact for attendees to set visiting times:
Dina McMichael, DMcMichael@advantech-bb.com


Geotab - Booth 365

As automotive technologies continue to mature, connected vehicles are quickly becoming smart sensors on wheels, and fleets are becoming mobile smart sensor networks. Leveraging an ecosystem of 1.5M mobile sensors worldwide generating more than 30B raw data records per day, Geotab has the data coverage and density to provide roadside insights and urban analytics to almost every North American city. These insights can be used to improve regional traffic safety and progress toward Vision Zero objectives, reduce congestion and optimize traffic flow, reduce GHG emissions and monitor hyper-local air quality, and streamline city operations.

Mio_Logo_Lrg (1) (1) (1).jpg

Miovision - Booth 315

We believe smart cities start at the intersection, and our booth at ITSA will demonstrate how Miovision technology can make it a reality. The Miovision booth will focus on four of our smart city solutions: Traffic Operations, Video Detection, Traffic Studies, and Traffic Communications. We will showcase real-life examples of how Miovision technology is being used to solve traffic problems and improve livability in cities today.   

parsons-logo-blue (1).png

Parsons - Booth 349

Parsons provides digitally enabled solutions in the transportation, defense, infrastructure, and security markets. We are leaders in the design, deployment, and integration of ITS solutions to manage freeways, highways, toll roads, arterials, and transit and smart city systems. Stop by our booth, where we’ll be demonstrating our new iNET™ Transform solution—our industry-leading smart city software used to improve the management, efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and livability of communities. The system monitors and manages thousands of smart-city sensors, finds and predicts adverse conditions, makes and implements intelligent decisions based upon this data, and stores the information for further analysis and distribution.

Demonstration Times: During session breaks
Primary Contact for attendees to set visiting times: Preston Judkins 262-347-9211

SwRI Logo Text Combo Vert 2014 Blue Pantone 2728.png

Southwest Research Institute - Booth 431

SwRI will be demonstrating a system that not only detects humans, but their specific joint locations, which can be used to predict human motion and intent.  This system utilizes a high-fidelity biomechanics/musculoskeletal model of the human form and is used by professional sports teams, tactical athletes, equipment operators, and automated vehicles to better understand and react to human motion.   SwRI develops, packages, and transfers technology to help our clients realize solutions to their most difficult technical problems.

Primary Contact for attendees to set visiting times: 
Josh Johnson |josh.johnson@swri.org | 210-522-2877

Other Exhibitors:


Axis Communications - Booth 324

Axis Communications is the industry leader in network video, offering products and solutions for video surveillance and analytics, access control, and audio systems. Join Axis at ITS America to see our newly released AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera. This robust network camera combines great image quality with high precision pan, tilt and 30x zoom along with long-range IR for coverage over wide and long-distances. Its durable design can withstand harsh weather conditions and high winds, making an all-around great fit for transportation applications such as highways, bridges and more. Stop by booth 324 to learn more and see a demo

ComNet Logo Standard.jpg

COMNET Communications Networks - Booth 336

ComNet focuses on providing innovative networking solutions to the ITS Market. The line consists of fiber optic video, data and audio transmission products as well as a broad Ethernet product line, for traffic signalization, video detection, CCTV, electronic toll collection, and variable message signs.

Primary Contact for attendees to set visiting times:
David Sinise


Hill & Smith Inc. - Booth 448

The Work Area Protection, a Hill & Smith Inc. brand, line of ITS & Smart Work Zone solutions enhances transportation and improves safety and mobility in and around work zones.

Primary Contact for attendees to set visiting times:
Todd Hartnett | thartnett@hillandsmith.com | (302) 420-5723


Kistler Instrument Corp. - Booth 464

The Lineas Quartz Sensor is an industry-proven WIM solution delivering consistently reliable results, with a no-maintenance design for more than 20 years. Kistler now offers the world’s first sub-surface quartz sensor, the Lineas Compact and Kistler WIM Data Logger to provide the most sustainable solution for automated real-time traffic data collection. Branded as the Kistler KiTraffic Statistics, it is an integrated, prewired system to easily gain an overview of road usage and vehicle weight patterns. In combination with the Kistler WIM Data Logger, KiTraffic Statistics can easily be integrated into an overall system for a customized solution.

Final_VersilisLogo (1).jpg

Versilis - Booth 554

As road networks continue to expand across America, road authorities are facing new safety and operational challenges. In this context, Versilis’ innovative access control solutions are designed to reduce traffic injuries & fatalities, improve infrastructure efficiency and reduce costs associated with maintenance & operations. Visit our booth #554 to learn more about our new MASH crash tested gate designed for high speed facilities. The Versilis team is incredibly proud of this engineering achievement as it combines crashworthiness, increased visibility, strength and durability. The gate is part of the SwiftGate family of products and comes with Versilis’ standard integrated local & remote control options. 


ZincFive Inc. - Booth 717

We now live in an Always-On ITS world and Departments of Transportation throughout U.S. and Canada have made a commitment to increasing safety with the UPStealth Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).  UPStealth utilizes transformational nickel-zinc batteries to energize intersections, ITS cabinets and ITS data centers when utility power is lost.  As the fastest growing UPS for ITS, ZincFive is releasing a new series of UPS technologies, UPStealth 2.

 UPStealth 2 is the most advanced UPS technology in the traffic industry and ZincFive will be demonstrating at ITS America DC the superior design, performance, environmental and safety advantages of the UPStealth 2.

Primary Contact for attendees to set visiting times:
Jake Hysell - jhysell@zincfive.com. 5033993517