The ITS Hall of Fame was established to recognize those whose contributions to the intelligent transportation profession and service to ITS America have been significant, substantial and long-standing. Inductees are selected annually based on their leadership in the intelligent transportation arena. Recipients personify achievement in the ultimate standards for a leader in the ITS field.

ITS America Hall of Fame Past Inductees: 

2018 Inductee


Kirk Steudle, Director, Michigan Department of Transportation

Past Inductees 

2008: Joseph Giglio, Robert Parsons, Lyle Saxton, T. Russell Shields, Harry Voccola, Michael Walton
2009: Robert Darbelnet, Christine Johnson, William Spreitzer
2010:  Richard Braun, Francis Francois, Lester Lamm
2011: Thomas Deen, William Harris, William Millar
2012: Gerald Conover, Robert MacLennan, James Oberstar, Thomas Larson
2013: Mortimer Downey, Michael Doyle, Randell H. Iwasaki, S. Edwin Rowe
2014:  Ann Flemer, Larry Yermack, James Constantino
2015: Lawrence D. Burns, Abbas Mohaddes, Jeffery F. Paniati, William F. Powers, Joseph M. Sussman
2016: David St. Amant, Robert E. Skinner
2017: Peter Sweatman, CAVita