Intelligent Mobility: Safer. Greener. Smarter

ITS America’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. will highlight seamless mobility around the movement of people, data and freight.  Innovative business models can flourish in the new age of mobility - be a part of the conversation that will shape an environment for safe deployment of connected and automated mobility.

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Intelligent mobility: Moving People

Mobility is no longer just about cars, but about human beings. Buses, trains, bicycles and scooters, shared services, and even walking are how we get to our destinations. What may the future bring? Flying taxis, the Hyperloop… the sky isn’t even the limit.

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Intelligent Mobility: Moving Data

We’re computing on the edge. Our privacy and security are of utmost importance in a connected and automated world. Data collected from vehicles and infrastructure technologies provide important insights on how best to improve safety, reduce congestion, and enhance transportation options for those traveling on our nation’s roads.


Intelligent Mobility: Moving Freight

How do you move the economy of the 21st century? People want their goods and services quickly.  With help from an enhanced version of our workforce, and automated and driver-assisted technologies - and even drones - a new and connected freight system will reduce accidents, delays, congestion, and increase fuel efficiency.


Detailed Sessions to Include:

  • Workforce Development

  • Data Sharing/Privacy

  • IOT, Connectivity

  • AI/Automation

  • Security

  • Technology & Liability

  • Accessibility & Equity

  • Electrification & Sustainability

  • Innovation & Research

  • Smart Communities

  • Smart Freight

  • Mobility on Demand

  • Shared Mobility

  • Infrastructure Funding

  • Traffic Operations

  • Connected & Automated Mobility