ITSDC2019 Promotional Toolkit

The ITS America Annual Meeting Communications Committee is pleased to provide complimentary marketing tools to speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners and participants to promote your involvement at the 2019 ITS America Annual Meeting.



Download the latest ITS America 2019 Annual Meeting fast fact flyer, and publish it on your website, distribute it via email to your network or print to include in your mailings and at your events:

ITS AMerica 2019 annual meeting logo

ITS America DC logo is available in PNG format below. For Pantone colors, vector files, or other information, please contact us at


Publish annual meeting banner ads via your online marketing channels and in your e-communications, and link them to


Check back for our archived series of promotional emails that will be published from now until June 2019 as reminders for key meeting milestones. Share these announcements with your network via email or social media.

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Powerpoint SLIDE

Use our Annual Meeting PowerPoint slides to promote #ITSDC2019 at seminars, conferences, and other ITS industry events:


ITS America’s social media channels provide venues for conversation before, during and after the event. Join us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date on activities, and to promote your participation in 2019.

The event hashtag is #ITSDC2019 on all social media outlets. View updates, conversations, photos, and more by clicking on the hashtag in social media posts.

Examples of tweets for speakers

  • I will be speaking at #ITSDC2019 in June! @ITS_America #ITSDC2019

  • Planning my #ITSDC2019 session [insert session number] – what do you want to know about [insert topic]?

Examples of tweets for exhibitors

  • [Company name] will be exhibiting at #ITSDC2019 in June. Register now and visit us! @ITS_America

  • Interested in [insert topic/product]? Attend #ITSDC2019 June 4-7, and visit us at booth [booth number] #ITSDC2019 @ITS_America

3 Tips for Social Media

  1. To shorten links for your social posts, go to, copy and paste the full link into the space provided. Then, copy the shortened link into the Twitter status

  2. Prompt followers to take action on your posts by adding a call to action

  3. Add images and videos to your posts to increase audience engagement


Exhibitor Prospectus

Sponsorship Rate Card